Develop habits that create wealth, health, happiness, and expertise

Commonplace Journals are pocket-sized self-learning guides designed to help you learn faster, work more efficiently, and develop the habits you need to reach any goal

Commonplace Journal

Your Goals and Dreams are the Target, Your Habits are What Get You There

Our ambitions inspire and point us in the right direction, but without breaking them down to small, repeatable actions we can take each day, they rarely turn into reality. Instead we procrastinate and eventually fail – something that’s easily avoidable by developing habits for long-term success, not short-term burnout.

systems vs goals
Commonplace Journal

The Commonplace Journal

Learn any skill, accomplish any goal, and master your mind and body using a step-by-step approach backed by the latest in neuroscience and 2,000+ years of tradition

Commonplace Journals are self-learning guides based on the 600 year old tradition of the “Commonplace Book” and the latest in modern neuroscience and memory research. Instead of telling you exactly what you should do or how you should learn, Commonplace Journals enable you to build habits using simple, flexible systems based entirely on your own experiences, goals, and interests.

Commonplace Journal

Made for the
Modern World

In the age of the internet, learning is no longer limited by access to knowledge, but by the systems we use to transform it into real-world results.

Commonplace Journal

A Completely
Personalized Experience

Instead of prescribing exactly how you should approach a difficult task, each journal uses your own experiences, goals, and interests as a foundation to build on.

Commonplace Journal

Learn by doing

Knowledge without experience is quickly forgotten, which is why each journal was designed around hands-on, personalized learning in the real-world.

Commonplace Journal

Premium Materials,

From top quality acid-free paper and premium covers to lay-flat spines, each Commonplace Journal is beautifully designed and made to last.

How to read a book a week for the rest of your life (or achieve any goal)

Narrow Your Focus

The greatest accomplishments are nothing more than thousands of small actions. Unlike typical goal-oriented notebooks, Commonplace Journals focus on the small, repeated actions you can easily complete each day. Eventually, even the smallest daily accomplishments start to add up – motivation increases, learning speeds skyrocket, and what was once “work” becomes enjoyable.

Productivity Journal

(Productivity Journal)

Long-term success,
not short-term burnout

To maximize your chances of success, each Commonplace Journal starts with a daily minimum – the least amount of activity required for a “successful” day. For example, your minimum might be:

-Health Journal: Do 1 push-up


-Commonplace Journal: Read 1 paragraph


-Foreign Language: Learn 1 word


No matter how small your progress, each minimum adds momentum, mentally reinforces the importance of what you’re doing, and increases the likelihood that you’ll continue to move forward tomorrow. Often times the hardest part is just getting started, and even doing something small will inspire you to do much, much more.

Commonplace Productivity Journal System

Feedback, Accountability, Action

While your own dreams and goals are usually enough to get you started, social pressure is often the deciding factor when you aren’t feeling so motivated. This is why each journal has the option to include a set of cards designed to provide you with feedback, support, and accountability from trusted partners or a public audience.
Hardest part is keeping at it long enough to form permanent skills and lifestyle habits.

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