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Increase your Wealth, Health, and Happiness

Step-by-step guides to accomplish any goal, master any skill, and develop life-long habits


Commonplace Daily Learning Journnal

Daily Learning Journal

Remember more, learn faster, and get more out of every book you read and conversation you have.

Commonplace Health Journals

Health Journal

Keep yourself accountable; optimize your mental and physical health; and reach your goals with ease.

Commonplace Self-Mastery

Self-Mastery Journal

Develop mental strength, improve self-awareness, and become a better person inside and out.

Commonplace Warrior Journal

Warrior Journal

Conquer your fears, master self-discipline, and develop the courage to overcome any challenge.


Commonplace Foreign Language Journal

Foreign Language Journal

Accelerate your learning of foreign language words, phrases, and even non-latin characters and symbols while perfecting your memory.

Commonplace Wine Sommelier Journal

Wine Sommelier Journal

Learn by drinking, taste like an professional sommelier, discover new wines, and accelerate your journey to complete wine mastery.

Commonplace Chefs Journal

Chef’s Journal

Turn each meal into a learning opportunity as you discover how to taste and create both new and traditional dishes from scratch.


Commonplace Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Remember your most inspiring travel moments and relive experiences in vivid detail months or even years after your trip has ended.

Commonplace life Reflection Journal

Life Reflection Journal

Contribute a few thoughts each day to relive your greatest moments, reflect on past experiences, or pass on memories to future generations.

Commonplace Failure Journal

Failure Journal

Disappointing results? Fail to reach your goals? Analyze your shortcomings and never make the same mistake twice.


Commonplace Productivity Journal

Productivity Journal

Get more done in less time, stop procrastinating, and become a productivity machine so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Commonplace Project Journal

Project Journal

Big goals, dreams, and ambitions but just can’t seem to make much progress? Follow a personal system to get one step closer each day without pain or pressure.

Commonplace Sales Journal

Skill Journal

Accelerate your learning through daily bite-sized chunks, testing yourself with real-world experiences, and following a step-by-step path to mastery.

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