Life Reflection Journal

Relive the small moments, your daily journey, and the memories most of us forget

Your life isn’t just the big moments, it’s all the small stuff in-between

 The Commonplace Life Reflection Journal is a self-learning guide for documenting the journey of your life. Looking back on our lives it’s often hard to remember the little actions, victories, struggles, and special moments that got us to where we are today. In just a few minutes each night, you’ll be able to create memory anchors of your journey and remember all the special moments that most of us forget.

Can you really remember last year? Last month? Yesterday?

We forget pretty much everything. Whether it’s time spent with a newborn baby, the first year of college, day-to-day family life, or virtually any other moment that we’d like to hold on to – chances are, they’re already gone.

Life Reflection Journals
Memory ANchors Commonplace Journal

Create “Multi-Sensory” Memories for vivid recollection

Learn New Words

The story of your life in detail, not just the highlights


Personalized around the small joys of day-to-day life

Life Reflection Journals

Remember the details of old memories like it was yesterday

Remember the day

Document a single moment, remember the entire day

While the journal limits you to one defining moment a day, the daily frequency of your entries creates a network of connecting memories in your mind. This “mesh” of memories reinforces each one independently while making it easier to remember the even smaller moments in between.

Memory Commonplace

Scan your finished journals to watch your life’s journey like a movie

Instead of looking back at a few disconnected memories, the Life Reflection Journal enables you to explore your entire story in vivid detail. Simply scan through your journal and watch as your story tells itself. Relive each moment like a movie in your mind.

The Commonplace Life Reflection Journal

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Life Reflection Journal
Commonplace Life Reflection Journal System

Focus and Repeat – Experience the best moments of your life again and again…

Focus and Repeat cards are meant to provide you with a simple reminder of the best times in your life. With the feelings and emotions from that moment, you’ll be able to think back and replicate the feelings whenever needed. This turns a single great moment into an experience you can repeat for the rest of your life. For example, if you have a conversation that makes you feel ambitious and excited about the future, write it down along with the emotions and sensations you felt so that you can draw energy and strength from that moment in the future. With just a glance, you can feel that feeling and excitement all over again.

Writing vs Typing

“When you have to use your energy to put those words down, you are more apt to make them count.” – Raymond Chandler

While digital tools are often easier and more convenient than pen and paper, the actual act of writing down thoughts, ideas, and information has been shown to drastically improve memory and understanding. Spend less time and money by using tools that work (if apps were effective you’d already be an expert).

Commonplace Life Reflection Journals

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