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Commonplace Project Journals – Quit day dreaming and procrastinating. Create a personalized system to get you one step closer to your goals each and every day.

While having a vision and big goals are important, they can be distracting if not down right demoralizing when you don’t have a system of implementing the small actions each day required for achieving them. Commonplace Project Journals break down any goal into bite-sized pieces, while organizing your approach, focusing your efforts, and enabling you to stay motivated and productive for the long-haul. It’s the easiest way to integrate your biggest goals into your daily schedule and accomplish more this month than you did all last year. 2 Journals per pack. Get 50% by pre-ordering. Estimated delivery: May 2019.

Journal Details

  • 2 Project Journals per pack
  • Pocket-sized: 3.5in X 5.5in
  • Acid-free, high-quality paper (80 gsm)
  • 60 pages (30 sheets)
  • Flexible cover (190 gsm)
  • Made in the USA
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