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Master your pitch, improve your sales funnel, and streamline your entire conversion process

Commonplace Sales journals were built to improve the way you sell. From getting in-touch with the very first cold call or email to analyzing each conversation through detailed checklist breakdowns and funnel “paths”, the Commonplace Sales Journal is your closing companion. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with zero sales experience or an experienced professional, the Commonplace Sales Journal will enable you to sell more and sell faster. 2 Journals per pack. Get 50% by pre-ordering. Estimated delivery: May 2019.


Journal Details

  • 2 Sales Journals per pack
  • Pocket-sized: 3.5in X 5.5in
  • Acid-free, high-quality paper (80 gsm)
  • 60 pages (30 sheets)
  • Flexible cover (190 gsm)
  • 24 entries
  • Made in the USA
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