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Get More Done in Less Time

Free up hours of the day, advance your career at double the speed, and accomplish your goals with time to spare

 The Commonplace Productivity Journal is a self-learning guide that drastically increases your capacity for focused work and creative output. Designed to be carried with you at all times, this journal enables you to quickly enter “deep focus” sessions, ignore distraction, and breakdown your projects into easily achievable tasks.

We’re addicted to feeling busy, but most of us don’t get much “real work” done

From office interruptions to smartphone notifications, our mind is constantly moving between tasks. Even when we feel like we’re being busy and productive, most of it is just busy work. This inability to focus deeply on a task is almost impossible to find in a modern work environment. There’s simply too many distractions and too much busy work to be done – it’s overwhelming and destroys our output, creativity, and long-term chances at success.

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Get more done in less time – double or even triple your output each and every day

Productivity Journal

Increase your ability to solve complex problems and think creatively

Instant focus commonplace journal

Instant focus – whether 60 seconds or 2 hours, make every minute count

Family and Learning Time commonplace

Don’t forget the most important things – schedule time for family, friends, leisure, and learning

Commonplace Productivity Journal Deep Work

Deep focus sessions – overcome distraction

Each day of the productivity journal is built around two deep focus sessions. These are periods of time where you eliminate distraction entirely and work on a pre-determined list of tasks that need to be completed – your top priority or the most important work of the day. By setting aside large chunks of time for focused work, you’ll eventually get more done during each 1-2 hour session than you would during an entire day of normal work. Using our system of “minimums” you’ll be able to slowly increase your deep focus sessions from just 10-15 minutes to several hours of unstoppable productivity.

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Break down your projects into step-by-step tasks

Deep focus sessions only work when you’re not interrupted. Perhaps the most important part of this is knowing what to do next once you’ve completed a task. Instead of taking a break from work to figure out what needs to be done next, you should have a complete task list ready so you can move from task to task without a pause. This will increase your momentum, further boost your productivity, and extend your deep focus sessions.

Time Productivity Journal

How are you really using your time?

Think back on your day. How much time did you spend on important work and busy work? How much time did you completely waste? By keeping track of the distractions and your focus throughout each day, you’ll get a clear, accurate picture of how you use your time and how much of of your time is wasted. With this data, you’ll become more conscientious about how you spend every minute – increasing productivity and leaving more time for the things you most care about.

Reset Routine Commonplace Productivity Journal

Morning victories and “Reset routines”

The hardest part is just getting started. Each day you’ll begin your day by completing a few easy tasks to build some momentum for the rest of the day. These “early wins” will energize you for your first deep focus session and will set the standard for the day’s performance. This could be as simple as making your bed, cleaning your workspace, working out, or anything else you’d like.

Routines also are important when resuming work after a break or distraction. Create a “reset routine” to condition your mind to quickly get back into a deep focus mindset. A reset routine could be a few pushups, an affirmation about your future success (“I will…”), or anything that gets your body and mind moving. Pick your routine and then do it whenever you get distracted or lose focus. It will quickly bring you back to your work and get you focused.

Commonplace Journal

Happier, Wealthier, Stress-Free

The eventual outcome of consistently getting more done in less time is simple: More time to do the things you want, less anxiety about meeting work deadlines, and better workplace performance. Over the long-term this performance will likely result in higher pay, better job opportunities, and a happier life at home.

The Commonplace Productivity Journal

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Commonplace Productivity Journal
Commonplace Productivity Journal System

24 Accountability Cards (Optional)
– Keep Yourself On Track

Accountability cards provide a simple way to keep yourself on-track with outside pressure. Give one to a friend or colleague to keep you focused on your work. If you fail to meet the minimums you set for yourself, you’ll have to pay the price (risk).

Writing vs Typing

“When you have to use your energy to put those words down, you are more apt to make them count.” – Raymond Chandler

While digital tools are often easier and more convenient than pen and paper, the actual act of writing down thoughts, ideas, and information has been shown to drastically improve memory and understanding. Spend less time and money by using tools that work (if apps were effective you’d already be an expert).

Commonplace Productivity Journal

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