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Smarter Every Day: Make self-improvement a habit

 The Commonplace Journal is a daily self-improvement guide based on the 600 year old tradition of the “Commonplace Book” and the latest in modern neuroscience and memory research. Designed to be carried with you at all times, this journal is used to document the most important things you read, hear, or experience each day. With a learning schedule to keep you on track and review prompts throughout, you won’t just have a record of the most important lessons and insights you encounter, they’ll become a part of your life.

Commonplace Journals

We forget most of the important ideas, advice, and conversations we have

Whether you’r reading a book, talking with a mentor, or listening to a podcast, most of the information that you encounter is almost instantly forgotten. Over a single week you may forget a handful of insights that could very well change your entire life. Over a year perhaps thousands. While remembering everything is probably impossible, capturing just a bit more of the information and wisdom around you could drastically change your mind, fortune, and entire life path.

Remember books, videos, and speeches in stunning detail

Maximize what you learn at events and conferences

Amplify your memory from every conversation you have

Incorporate the best wisdom & advice into your life

Remember the most important things you hear, see, or experience

The entries of your Commonplace Journal shouldn’t be for quick notes or reminders, but for things you want to remember forever. The ideas, habits, skills, lessons, facts, quotes conversations, and wisdom that you want to become a permanent part of your mindset. Whether you find them reading a book, having a great conversation, listening to a speech, or through a sudden burst of insight, your Commonplace Journal is timeless — pages you can review throughout your life as a reminder of the most important lessons you’ve learned.

Improve yourself every single day

Acquire the skills to earn more money, reach your most ambitious goals, and improve the way you think through daily learning, reflection, and action. In this way, the Commonplace Journal has been designed not only to keep yourself accountable, but to ensure that each day you’re more capable and intelligent than you were the day before.

The Commonplace Journal: A Daily Self-Learning Guide

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the Commonplace Journal
the Commonplace Journal

Daily Focus Cards (Optional) – Turn your thoughts into action

If your goal is to increase your lifetime potential, expand your professional skill-set, or otherwise improve the way you live, then applying your learning to the real-world isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. To put your thoughts, understanding, and wisdom to the test we’ve made daily focus cards. Each card has space to copy a Commonplace entry so you can easily carry it with you or place it somewhere you’ll see on a regular basis. This repeated visibility will quickly make the entry a core part of your life and identity – something you’ll never forget.

Writing vs Typing

“When you have to use your energy to put those words down, you are more apt to make them count.” – Raymond Chandler

While digital tools are often easier and more convenient than pen and paper, the actual act of writing down thoughts, ideas, and information has been shown to drastically improve memory and understanding. Spend less time and money by using tools that work (if apps were effective you’d already be an expert).

Based on the latest memory and learning research

Spaced repetition

“Spaced repetition is a technique for efficient memorization & practice of skills where instead of doing a lot of work quickly, each item’s practices are automatically spread out over time, with increasing durations as one learns the item.”

Distributed practice

“For best results, spread your study over time. Students often “mass” their study—in other words, they cram. But distributing learning over time is much more effective”

Interleaved practice

“Students tend to study in blocks,  finishing one topic or type of problem before moving on to the next. But recent research has shown benefits for interleaved practice, in which students alternate a variety of types of information or problems.

Deliberate practice

Deliberate Practice is a focused effort designed for the purpose of improving performance. It is most effective when accompanied by a mentor’s or teacher’s guidance.

Visualizing and multi-sensory memory

“…it is in large part thanks to our capacity to form and manipulate mental imagery that humankind has been able to out-compete rival species, and develop our complex cultures and technologies.”

Seeking critical

“Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, but this impact can be either positive or negative.”

Retrieval practice
and self-testing

“Although most students prefer to take as few tests as possible, hundreds of experiments show that self-testing improves learning and retention.”

Elaboration and Inquisition

“Inquisitive by nature, we are always looking for explanations for the world around us. A sizable body of evidence suggests that prompting students to answer ‘Why?’ questions also facilitates learning”

Commonplace journals have been used for thousands of years by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers

For thousands of years, the commonplace book has been the companion of the world’s greatest thinkers, writers, and inventors. Used to collect the most important ideas and thoughts they encountered, it allowed them to easily revisit the highlights of nearly any book, conversation, or experience they had.

Bill Gates

Microsoft founder & world’s richest man

Marcus Aurelius

Roman Emperor, Stoic Philosopher

Thomas Jefferson

American president and founding father


French military and political leader

Isaac Newton

English physicist, scientist, and mathematician

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

American essayist, lecturer, and poet

Ronald Reagan

American politician and president

Bill Clinton

American politician and president

Julius Caesar

Roman general, statesman, and author

Abraham Lincoln

American Civil War President

George Washington

First American president, founding father

Leonardo Da Vinci

Italian inventor, artist, and intellectual

John Locke

English philosopher and enlightenment thinker

Walt Whitman

American poet, essayist, and journalist

Francis Bacon

English philosopher, statesman, and scientist

John Milton

English poet, historian, and author


French Renaissance philosopher and author

H.L. Mencken

German-American journalist and satirist

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