Commonplace Travel Journal

Relive every adventure like it was yesterday

Use Memory Anchors to retaste every meal, retrace every step, and relive every experience as if you were still there

 The Commonplace Travel Journal is a self-learning travel guide that drastically increases your ability to remember each day of your trip with intense detail. Designed to be carried with you at all times, this journal uses a mental anchoring system to create reference points of emotions, visualizations, and strong points of reference for nearly perfect memories years or even decades into the future.

Travel memories fade with time – like it never happened at all

From family trips to overseas adventures, most of the memories we create while traveling are forgotten almost immediately. While photos are helpful reference points, they only tell half the story. Our thoughts, feelings, and the sensations we experience during the most exciting moments are often blurred or lost forever.

Adventure Journal
Art of Memory

Create memory anchors using moments of  strong feelings, emotions, and visual appeal


Create permanent, highly visual memories in just a few minutes each day

Travel Journals

Re-experience your trips like a movie in your mind – including smells, tastes, and more

Memory Anchors

Carry it with you to create memory anchors while they’re still fresh in your mind

Multi-Sensory Memories Commonplace Journal

Create Multi-Sensory Memories

Memories are primarily based on two things – intensity and connections. The Travel Journal uses multi-sensory memory descriptions to connect your memory to many different parts of your mind. These branching connections means that the memory is better encoded for long-term storage and that details are much easier to remember.

Memory Peaks Commonplace Journal

Focus on the Peaks to Remember the Rest

Our brains automatically remember intense periods of emotion, surprise, happiness, and awe (among others) better that the small movements that make up most of our day-to-day lives. So instead of trying to remember every little moment of your trip, the Travel Journal focuses your attention on the peak periods of your day. By focusing on these moments, your brain will also strengthen what comes before an after it – improving your recollection of the entire day, not just that moment. It’s by far the best way to remember a trip years into the future.

The Commonplace Travel Journal

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Travel Journal
Commonplace Travel Journal System

Another’s View Cards (Optional) – Your memories from another’s perspective

Hand one to a travel companion, a local, or anyone you meet along the way. These cards provide you with the memories that excite you most from someone else’s perspective. Not only will they help you remember who you meet along the way, but will strengthen each and every moment you share through details and a story only they can tell.

Writing vs Typing

“When you have to use your energy to put those words down, you are more apt to make them count.” – Raymond Chandler

While digital tools are often easier and more convenient than pen and paper, the actual act of writing down thoughts, ideas, and information has been shown to drastically improve memory and understanding. Spend less time and money by using tools that work (if apps were effective you’d already be an expert).

Travel Journal

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