Commonplace Warrior Journal

Become Unstoppable

Harden Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Conquer any Challenge

 The Commonplace Warrior Journal is a self-learning guide to pushing yourself to your mental, physical, and spiritual limits. Designed to be used each day, the Warrior Journal challenges you to embrace increasing levels of physical discomfort, irrational fear, and mental focus. With just a few weeks of use, you’ll become stronger than you ever thought possible – enabling you to overcome any challenge and face any task with discipline and an unstoppable determination.

We are All Born Weak.
Most of Us Stay that Way Forever

Most of the time we spend trying to learn new words and phrases is wasted. We quickly forget or don’t even take the time to learn. Instead of understanding the next time we hear or see it, we have the exact same reaction we did the first time – “what’s that mean?”. It’s a waste of time, effort, and opportunity. The faster we learn the more motivation we have, the quicker we learn, and the more enjoyment we get out of using and practicing the language.

Warrior Journal
Become a Warrior

Overcome your physical and mental weaknesses

Warrior Voice

Master the voice in your head and push past perceived limits

Calm among the storm

Maintain emotional calm and clear thinking in chaos

Warriors always finish journal

Develop the confidence to accomplish any goal you set

Commonplace Warrior

Embrace Pain, Fear, and Discomfort

Only through pain, suffering, and challenging our limits can we develop the mental strength necessary to overcome the limited voice of resistance in our head. By creating opportunities to say “NO!” to your limiting beliefs, we can expand what our bodies and minds can accomplish and face difficult situations with ease. Mental toughness is a muscle – it must be exercised regularly to become strong.

commonplace Warrior

Develop Unwavering Discipline to Accomplish Anything in Front of You

Staying the course and accomplishing what we set out to do is extremely difficult – especially when overcoming the voice in your own head. Through partner commitments and a step-by-step approach to increasing the difficulty of each exercise, you’ll be able to develop ironclad discipline without the failure experienced by so many.

Confidence in Everything You Do

Mastering your mind not only unlocks your true physical and mental potential, but provides a lasting feeling of confidence that follows you wherever you go. Whether you’re learning something new, starting a different career, or meeting new people, you’ll be seen as an inspiration and source of strength whether you’re an expert or not.

Warrior Journals

The Commonplace Warrior Journal

Finish each section before moving on to the next page. Try to finish 1-2 a day and beat your previous score for the ultimate challenge

(click the colored circles in the photo below for details)

Commonplace warrior Journal
Commonplace Warrior Journal

Writing vs Typing

“When you have to use your energy to put those words down, you are more apt to make them count.” – Raymond Chandler

While digital tools are often easier and more convenient than pen and paper, the actual act of writing down thoughts, ideas, and information has been shown to drastically improve outcomes. Spend less time and money by using tools that work (if apps were effective you’d already be an expert).

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